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Fireside Chats

Panel 1: The Future of Web3 Governance & Innovation in Europe  

Co-hosted with the European Commission 
Location: Imperial Hall, First Floor

Pavel Telička, Amaryllis Verhoeven, Dr. Michael Gebert, Jaromír Novák

Panel 2: Art in the Metaverse 

Web3 is changing the art world. Is it for the better? 
Location: Imperial Hall, First Floor 

Anika Meier, Jake Al-Haffar, Harm Van den Dorpel, Sasha Stiles

Panel 3: Entrepreneurship & Building 

The challenges and rewards of innovating in Web3 
Location: Imperial Hall, First Floor

Pádraig Belton, Andras Kristof, Janet Adams, Lubo Smid

Panel 4: NFTs Beyond the JPEG 

Exploring interdisciplinary approaches to NFTs 
Location: Imperial Hall, First Floor 

William Lobkowicz, Yemi A.D., Kiesza, Artur Sychov