Train Station Ride

Musical Welcoming

12:30–13:30: Panel 1: Web3, Why Bother?  

Exploring the value of blockchain and to what extent it can impact our society.  
Location: Castle Cellars

Milan Šemelák, Jonathan Victor, Kavita Gupta, Shant Marootian, Maria-Paula Fernandez

13:45–14:15: Educational Talk: From Nelahozeves to the Moon  

Exploring Dvořák’s life and legacy   
Location: Yellow Room (Castle, First Floor)  

Eleonore Kinsky

13:45–14:30: An Introduction to NFT Marketing  

Strategies to build strong communities around your product or service.  
Location: Castle Cellars  

Daniel Vaczi

14:45–15:45: On-Chain Cultural Preservation  

How can we store, track, and protect culture on chain—and why is it necessary? 
Location: Castle Cellars

Pádraig Belton, Sara Polak, Rodania Leong, Jonathan Dotan, Chidi Nwaubani 

15:30–17:00: Meet and Greet with AI Robot Desdemona  

Location: Dvořák Birth House 

16:00–16:30: Pure Rave: A Self-Supporting Music Collective  

Indeterminate rhythms and building a community around music.  
Location: Castle Cellars  

Nick George

16:00–16:30: Educational Talk: Preserving History Through the Looking Glass 

A behind-the-scenes look at restoration and conservation practices—thanks to blockchain.  
Location: Yellow Room (Castle, First Floor)  

Dita Baker

All-Day Ongoing Activities at Nelahozeves