How to use the Galaxis Wallet Card

Galaxis Wallet Cards are the perfect introduction to the blockchain and web3 technology.

The card wallet and associated blockchain address protects your anonymity - while easily receiving, delivering or transferring value in the process.

When you receive your card - keep it safe and do not scratch off the back or reveal your seed phrase.

To access your NFTs and take control over your wallet, download and open a freshly installed MetaMask (as it will not work with already installed MetaMask). We advise that if you already have an account - use another browser or device. Scratch off the surface covering your seed words and enter the seed words from your Galaxis Wallet Card into MetaMask. 

During the Non-Fungible Castle 2022 event - when completing tasks and scanning the QR codes - you will receive experiential and award NFTs into the wallet associated with the card.

All your NFTs are stored on the Polygon blockchain. In order to interact with them, e.g. transferring them to your personal wallet, add Polygon network to MetaMask. All interactions require Matic - the native token of the Polygon chain. We filled up every card with 1 Matic, to provide the opportunity of transferring them. 

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